* Welcome to Fifalife.

* FIFALIFE is a Major League Soccer only website for xbox360.

* Please do not register on this site if you want to play as other teams as you will be wasting your time.

*If you would like to join the fun once you have signed up message I Mundo I on xbox to activate your account.

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FIFALIFE - Portal EmptyThu Dec 17, 2009 9:08 am by The Pepe 25

How fifalife works

Fifalife has two English leagues of 10 teams and 4 European leagues of 8 teams with them teams looking to win the league and get into the Champions League or Europa League the next season.

All leagues run there own cups.

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Welcome to FIFALIFE the place to be for 1v1 action and your Total Football Experience.

Now you’re the star!!

What do we offer.

1, A league where you take your team and aim for the top, make transfers with other members, while making sure the board are happy with the wages and money coming in. While taking the glory of the league and maybe even the champions league.

So what's in FIFALIFE.

1. Transfers - wheel and deal your way round the transfer market and bring the best players to your team

2. Player Auctions - You can also do auctions sell you players to the highest bidder or buy a player from auction who you thought your would never get.

3 - None FIFALIFE players - You can buy from non fifalife teams - who will you bring in.

4. The Clubs Board - but make sure the board or happy by winning and keeping the wage bill down or they will soon turn against you.

5. The Clubs fans - will you keep them happy or will they chant for you to be out at the next home game.

6. Goal of the week - Show off your best goals to the rest of the FIFALIFE managers and win prizes for your club.


When you register your gamertag in the forum, can you please make sure you register with your exact gamertag. Thank you.
Once you have signed up send a message on xbox to I Mundo I who will activate your account and you can see the whole forum and join in the fun and sign up for a team.